About Us

Founded in 1993, IWES is a national, non-profit health organization, domiciled in New Orleans, formed to improve the physical, mental and spiritual health and quality of life for women of color and their families, particularly among those socio-economically disadvantaged.

IWES works to translate community-driven research, information, advocacy and partnerships, into effective policy, trainings and programs that heal communities, reframe and build resilience, especially among those facing chronic adversity and structural inequities. This approach also provides a channel for the voices, perspectives, and experience of communities to be carried to agencies, institutions, and policy-makers.

IWES’ approach is an intersectional analysis of the root causes that put vulnerable populations at risk for poor health and well-being. It uses the Social Ecological Model (SEM) as its theory of change, which considers the complex interplay between individual, interpersonal, community, and societal factors and recognizes that individual behavior is shaped by and contributes to the context in which people live. Through this in-depth, multi-dimensional approach, IWES creates culturally proficient programs, activities and research to address and advocate for the emotional and physical well-being, resilience and capacity of women of color, their families and communities to heal and create sustainable change.

IWES works in the following areas:

  • ­Resilience

  • ­Emotional/Physical Well-Being

  • ­Youth Development

  • ­Sexual Health



IWES envisions a world wherein all people can live, create environments and communities where health and wellness are valued and promoted so as to enhance quality of life.



IWES is dedicated to improving the mental, physical and spiritual health and quality of life for women, their families and communities of color, particularly among marginalized populations using community-driven research, programs, training and advocacy.