Wyman’s Teen Outreach Programs

The Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program™ (TOP) is a nationally recognized youth -development program that has been proven to foster academic success and prevent teen pregnancy. TOP™ is an evidence-based program that engages teens between the ages of 12-18 in curriculum guided discussion and community service throughout the school year.

TOP™ follows a basic approach that has been shown to achieve results for teens. The three components of TOP™ include: (1) Educational Peer Group Meetings; (2) Community Service Learning; and (3) Positive Adult Guidance and Support. The goals of TOP™ are to develop life skills, healthy behaviors, and a sense of purpose- ultimately preparing teens for successful adulthood. TOP™ participants meet at least once per week for nine months to receive the Changing Scenes curriculum from a trained IWES facilitator.

The facilitator is someone who is sensitive to the feelings and needs of the teens and creates a social environment that is emotionally supportive and safe. TOP™ participants are required to complete at least 20 community service hours (generally 10 hours per semester). Moreover, teens have a choice and input in selecting their community service work.

Wyman’s TOP™ has demonstrated effectiveness and outcomes that have resulted in a 53% reduction in teen pregnancy rates, 52% reduction in school suspension rates, 60% reduction in course failure rates, and 60% reduction in school dropout rates.